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By fenoco


On 07, Apr 2009 | No Comments | In Documental | By fenoco

Desde los Andes nace el primer racimo de gotas que da origen al Río Mapocho. Éste baja recorriendo surcos trazados por la mano del hombre, que lo tiñe, encajona, asfixia, disecciona hasta que finalmente logra llevar su cadáver al Océano Pacífico.

From the cold ice of The Andes Mountains, the first cluster of drops is born, giving birth to the Mapocho River. It flows down through the mountainsides to the west, running through channels traced by the hand of men; those who try to ignore it by hiding it from their sight, the same who stain, enclose, asphyxiate and dissect it, finally managing to carry its remains to the Pacific Ocean.

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